Healthy smoothie diet for weight loss and body cleansing, real weight loss reviews

The smoothie diet is a good choice for those who want to lose weight but cannot give up sugar completely. Thick smoothies made from vegetables and fruits will please you with excellent taste, as well as provide you with quick satiety with a minimal amount of calories. The use of smoothies during the diet should be combined with low-calorie protein sources and other components of proper nutrition. Smoothies can be drunk as a main component of the diet or used as an alternative to high-calorie meals.

Raspberry smoothie for weight loss

The basic principles of a smoothie diet for weight loss

The smoothie diet involves the regular preparation of low-calorie fruit and vegetable smoothies. Thick drinks quickly satisfy hunger, they should be taken not as an addition to regular food, but as a replacement for the main course. They are easy to prepare: just grind the ingredients in a blender and mix them. You can combine different combinations of products, add mineral water, low-fat dairy products.

The smoothie diet is based on the following rules:

  1. Each drink is prepared without adding sugar, they can have a sweet taste only due to the addition of fresh fruit.
  2. For cooking, only low-calorie ingredients are used. Do not use cream or melted ice cream as a base.
  3. Cocktails should be consumed immediately after preparation, they cannot be stored for a long time.
  4. During a diet based on smoothies, you should give up fatty, high-calorie foods, sweets, and starchy foods.
  5. You should drink a cocktail slowly to ensure gradual saturation. In this case, the drink should not be too cold: it is better to use the smoothie at room temperature.

During the diet, you should limit the use of tea and coffee: it is allowed to drink no more than two cups a day. It is better to replace these drinks with clean drinking water - it should be at least 1. 5 liters in the daily diet.

How to make a smoothie: the main ingredients

The smoothie diet for weight loss is based on various combinations of low-calorie vegetables and fruits. In this case, you can not add salt and sweetener, it is also undesirable to use honey. For those who are very fond of sweets, it is better to prepare drinks with the addition of stevia or simply put more fruits in relation to vegetables.

With a smoothie-based diet, you can make thick shakes with the following ingredients:

  • any fresh vegetables, except potatoes. These are beets, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and much more. Vegetables are peeled and ground to make a puree;
  • fresh fruit. It is undesirable to use only bananas and grapes, as they contain an excessive amount of sugar;
  • crushed cereal flakes are a source of slow complex carbohydrates that provide the body with the necessary energy supply;
  • berries. They can be fresh or frozen depending on the season;
  • nuts - a source of valuable trace elements;
  • low-fat dairy products. You can get milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, natural yogurt without added sugar.

You can also make smoothies with mineral water. However, the drink should not be too liquid: a sharp drop in calorie intake will lead to stress, deterioration of well-being and may cause a breakdown.

In the menu for a smoothie diet for weight loss, you can add lean chicken, boiled fish, brown rice cereal, buckwheat, oatmeal. Eggs and whole grain bread are allowed in limited amounts. You can also eat kisses, salads with vegetables and fruits, soups with low-fat cream. It is better to gradually switch to proper nutrition, rejecting harmful foods and reducing the caloric content of the diet. This will avoid strong feelings of hunger and maintain positive motivation.

Weight loss benefits of smoothies: reviews of those who have lost weight

You can find many positive reviews about smoothies for weight loss and body cleansing. This is a good option for fasting days: thick cocktails of vegetables and fruits do not burden the gastrointestinal tract and activate the intestines, they create a feeling of lightness and relieve heaviness in the stomach. You can list some other advantages:

  • pronounced detox effect. A diet with various smoothies helps to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, helps to heal the body;
  • there is no sharp feeling of hunger. Thick drinks are consumed in small portions at least 4 times a day: as a result, they ensure constant satiety, although the body receives a minimum of calories;
  • increased activity. Unlike various options for rigid diets, such weight loss does not cause weakness. Dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms. On the contrary, vegetables and fruits provide a burst of energy;
  • delicious diet. Drinks have a pleasant taste and this improves mood and prevents breakdowns.

Because of these benefits, reviews of smoothies for weight loss are mostly positive. This method allows you to gradually remove extra pounds without harming your health.

Watermelon smoothie for weight loss

Smoothie diet for weight loss for 7 days: menu option

One of the options for a smoothie diet for weight loss for a week may look like this:

Day of the week Diet components
Monday During the day, you should drink 4 smoothies from fresh fruits and berries in small portions. They should not contain sugar or sweeteners.
Tuesday Smoothies can be made with all kinds of fruit except bananas and grapes. The diet includes 4 servings of 1 glass each.
Wednesday The menu includes vegetable cocktails. They cannot be salted or add any flavoring additives.
Thursday Boiled rice, boiled or roasted vegetables are added to cocktails
Friday In addition to smoothies, you can eat boiled or baked lean meat.
Saturday In the morning - oatmeal or buckwheat porridge. At lunch - a portion of lean meat with a side dish of vegetables. Dinner - cottage cheese or yogurt.
Sunday The menu is similar to Saturday, instead of meat, you can cook poultry without adding fat.

Exiting the diet after the end of the week should be gradual: you cannot immediately rely on high-calorie fatty foods to prevent digestive problems.

To increase the effectiveness of the diet, it is desirable to combine it with physical activity. But due to the low calorie content of the diet, they should be moderate: walking in the fresh air, cycling and vigorous exercise in the morning are enough. Hard workouts are better to postpone for later. Reviews of the smoothie diet confirm its particularly high effectiveness in the summer, when you can easily buy a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Who is contraindicated such food?

Reviews about weight loss in smoothies will be positive only if you choose the right products and first make sure that there are no contraindications. It is better to refuse such a food plan in the following cases:

  • the presence of kidney and liver diseases. They may experience increased stress with negative health consequences;
  • disorders of the digestive system. An excess of fiber in the diet can provoke the appearance of negative symptoms: diarrhea, bloating, etc. ;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period. At this time, it is better to abandon solid diets in order to provide the child with the necessary group of nutrients.

Many vegetables and fruits are strong allergens, so it is important to prepare a personalized meal plan to suit your individual needs. Lactose allergy is often involved: in this case, smoothies cannot be made on the basis of milk and milk products. To make sure that there are no contraindications and to choose the optimal menu, it is recommended to consult a doctor first.

Smoothie with berries for weight loss

Popular recipe

Positive reviews about the smoothie diet for weight loss are mainly due to its diversity: you can combine a variety of ingredients when preparing thick drinks. Some interesting recipes:

  • Cottage cheese + strawberries. You can prepare such a cocktail with skimmed milk. It's a healthy breakfast, a tasty snack or an alternative to dessert. Each serving of this drink contains a large amount of nutrients.
  • Kiwi + orange. Crushed fruits are mixed with fruit juice, to give a sweeter taste, you can add a spoonful of natural honey. This is a really nice refreshing cocktail that will give you an energy boost.
  • Oatmeal + apple. Flakes are pre-filled with milk, they must be given time to swell. As a base, you can use unsweetened yogurt. The ingredients are mixed until they are smooth, it is better to eat such a cocktail with a spoon for gradual saturation. This is a great option for a healthy breakfast.
  • Celery + carrots + greens. A great option for a low-calorie vegetable smoothie. They are crushed in a blender and mixed with kefir or water until the desired consistency is obtained. You can add cinnamon or other spices to the drink.
  • Peach + apple + berries, as a base you can take yogurt or fruit juice. This is a delicious dessert or breakfast, sweet fruits improve mood and give energy.

These are just a few common options. You can combine the ingredients in different ways in accordance with the established rules. A varied diet reduces the risk of breakdowns, it will be much easier to follow a diet.

Many girls are interested in whether smoothies are possible in a drinking diet. In this case, you should use only liquid cocktails, not purees. Remember that a diet with drinks cannot be maintained for more than 30 days, otherwise it can lead to negative consequences for the body.

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